Olive ‘Nocellara’



  • Foliage is dark green and bigger than most olives.
  • Requires a pollinator like frantoia or leccino.
  • Drought tolerant once established.


  • Suitable for green pickling.
  • High quality oil.
  • Highly ornamental.
  • Suitable for visual screen or windbreaks.  Trims well for hedges or topiary.

Growing Conditions

  • Moderately wind and frost hardy.
  • Avoid coastal conditions.
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade.
  • Very dry to  moist soil conditions.


Height Width
5 year old tree 2.5m 1.5m
10 year old tree 4.0m 3.0m
Country of Origin:   Mediterranian, Southern Europe, North Africa

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