Plum ‘Omega’



  • Medium sized fruit which has green and red speckled skin with red flesh.
  • Juicy and sweet.
  • Fruit ready around March.
  • Partially self-fertile but does better with a pollinator like Billington or Santa Rosa.


  • A good eating plum but also used for jams, sauces and bottling.
  • A suitable backyard tree—can also be espaliered along a fence.
  • One of the best plums available.

Growing Conditions

  • Moderately coastal hardy.
  • Wind  and frost hardy.
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Dry to  very moist soil conditions.


Height Width
5 year old tree 2.0m 1.5m
10 year old tree 3.0m 2.5m
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