Tree Selection

Tree selection: how to choose the right trees for landscaping

At Big Trees on Lansdowne we want to help you make the right tree selection to ensure that our plants thrive at your place. So before choosing your trees considering the following:
  1. What is the primary purpose of this tree, i.e. shade, privacy, shelter, decorative?
  2. Do you require dappled light, full shade, deciduous or evergreen trees?
  3. Do you want plants to screen out your neighbours?
  4. What height, width and shape do you ultimately want your tree to get to?
  5. Are you looking for other features such as autumn colour, spring flowers or plants that will attract bird-life into your garden?
  6. Is your site sheltered, windy, frosty or dry?
  7. Are there some difficult aspects to the site, e.g. salt spray, boggy soil, clay soil.

Growing conditions for trees and plants

Most trees will grow most places if they are looked after and cared for during the first few months of being planted. However, for some trees, the right growing conditions are essential.   Some trees thrive in the wet, while others don’t. Some can cope with windy spots, while others prefer a more sheltered environment. Some will cope with frost while others need protection from the cold. Whatever you situation, we can help you make the right choices with your tree selection.

For expert advice on how to choose the right trees and plants for your growing conditions, contact Big Trees.

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