Taxodium distichum

Swamp Cypress, Bald Cypress


  • Soft feathery fern like foliage, mid green  in spring and summer.
  • As the tree matures, the trunk becomes quite buttressed.
  • A very long lived tree with the oldest specimen in North America at 1600 + years old.


  • Used in wet and swampy areas where there are few tree options.
  • Great as a specimen tree in parks and large gardens.

Growing Conditions

  • Very frost hardy.
  • Moderately coastal and wind hardy.
  • Grows in moist to swampy soil conditions.
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade.


Height Width
5 year old tree 2.5m 2.0m
10 year old tree 4.0m 3.0m
Country of Origin:   North America

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