Metrosideros ‘Maori Princess’



  • Masses of nectar producing,  red coloured flowers, appear in late December.
  • Foliage has a bluish green colour.
  • Tree has an upright form and is of medium vigour.


  • Nectar producing flowers.
  • Stunning specimen tree in medium sized garden or park.
  • Is a good wind break for salt laden winds.

Growing Conditions

  • Prefers average soils, but will grow  in swampy to dryish conditions.
  • Lightly frost hardy to around a grass frost of – 4 to -5 C
  • Grows in full sun or light shade.


Height Width
5 year old tree 2.0m 1.0m
10 year old tree 3.0m 1.5m
Country of Origin:   New Zealand
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